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Vision Insurance

from Jack Bradley Agency

Vision Insurance

How can having Vision Insurance benefit me and/or my family?

Many people today are hearing that many health conditions can actually be detected in our eyes.  It has been told in the Medical World for many years now how early detection is a great tool in the fight against health issues.

What does a Vision Insurance Policy really cover?

If you find an “In Network” vision provider, you can use the insurance to have many vision related items partially covered.  For example, the Vision Plan we offer from a company called VSP, features an in network copay for a Well Vision Exam of just $15 once every 12 months.  Also, the VSP Policy features a $25 copay for your eyeglass lenses if the provider is In Network (including Lined Bifocal and Lined Trifocal Lenses).  Eyeglass Frames can be really expensive these days and the plan we offer provides an In Network allowance of up to $130 for those frames OR the same $130 allowance for Contact Lenses.  NOTE:  The frames can be purchased every 24 months and Contacts can be purchased every 12 months.  There are some Extra Savings and Discounts available in this Vision Plan on items that are not covered under the plan.

Is Vision Insurance Affordable?

Yes, and there are discounts available off of the premium if you enroll in Dental Coverage and add Vision Coverage together. To further explain, the Vision Policy is discounted when you purchase Dental Coverage as well.

What if my Eye Physician is Out of The Network? The VSP Vision Policy still provides some benefits allowing for certain dollar amounts to be reimbursed to you after you pay for Vision Services that are out of the Network.  So, you still get some dollars to help reduce the total charges you incur Out of the Network.

Which agent should you ask for at Jack Bradley Agency if you have questions or would like to purchase a Dental Insurance Policy?

Trent C. Perry will be happy to assist you with selecting the right plan for you.  He has been a licensed agent since 1996.  Jack Bradley Agency has been taking care of customers since 1960.

How can I purchase a dental plan through Jack Bradley Agency?

We are all about convenience for you.  If you would prefer to reach out to us through our website 24/7 simply click the link to Get A Quote.

We can also help you purchase a plan by calling us at 706-778-2136.

And of course we offer the traditional office visit if you would prefer to stop in and meet with us in person.