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Medicare Flavors

Tips for Turning 65 and Going on Medicare
By Trent C. Perry
Jack Bradley Agency, Inc.

I tell my clients often that Medicare has so many choices that it is like Baskin Robbins—31 flavors of Medicare! There are Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Part D Plans to choose from. About three months before you turn 65, you should apply for Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. You can do this online at or visit your nearest Social Security Office. NOTE: you will generally be automatically enrolled in Part A and Part B Medicare if you chose to draw your Social Security beginning at age 62. You will get the Medicare Card in the Mail automatically if you are already on Social Security.

Once you get your red, white, and blue Medicare Card, call my office and make an appointment to review all of your options. Be sure to bring your list current medications so I can go online to and have their software choose which plan covers your medicine for the best premium and copay. There will be no waiting periods and no pre-existing conditions on your new insurance that you purchase to supplement your Medicare.

If you work past the age of 65, there are special rules on stopping your medical coverage at work and going on to Medicare Part B—Part A is free and folks generally take that coverage at 65 even if they are still working. There is a 63 day window where you can obtain Supplement Medical and Rx coverage from me without having to answer any medical questions. NOTE: There are also special rules that need to be followed in order to prove that you will NOT be subject to any Drug Card Insurance penalties for not enrolling in the Part D Rx program when you turned 65.

Again, just call our office (706-778-2136) and ask to make an appointment with me to discuss your situation. I stay licensed with all of the major insurance companies that offer this type of insurance protection.


Trent C. Perry, Agent


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