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Full Glass Coverage for your Automobile by: Kelley Herrin

You hear it before you see it, the noise of a rock hitting your windshield. Now you have to deal with a broken or damaged windshield on your car. Your automobile insurance policy provides coverage for damaged glass IF you have comprehensive coverage. But there is just one more thing to consider. What is your deductible? Sure, choosing a higher deductible to lower your premium seemed the smart thing to do when you selected your coverage. Now, you question that decision after seeing your broken windshield! If you chose a high deductible, then you may still have to pay for the glass replacement out of pocket. WHAT IF, you could keep the higher deductible to save premium dollars and still get your glass replaced with a ZERO deductible? Yes that's ZERO deductible! Many of our companies now offer Full Glass Coverage as an option. Already a customer? Just ask us about this option today! Not currently a Jack Bradley Agency customer, but you want a free customized quote that includes the Full Glass Coverage option? Call us today at 706-778-2136! You can also visit our website and request a quote; or simply click on this link. In the comment section, make sure you mention that you would like the quote to include Full Glass Replacement. We are proud to represent innovative companies offering this option! Some of our companies even have preferred glass dealers that make for easy claim processing an more importantly, no dollars out of your pocket. I hope you'll consider the option and let us be the agent that can help you change a bad day into a good day! Jack Bradley Agency insuring the important things in life and making your life easier!


Brent Kelly

Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 2:33pm EDT

This is an important topic. Glass coverage often gets overlooked and it’s important to have an agent who has your back. Thanks for sharing.

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