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Insuring the Important Things In Life

Fly the friendly skies. M'mm M'mm Good. Put a tiger in your tank. So easy a caveman could do it. Have it your way.

There's no shortage of company taglines in today's fast-paced world of advertising. They're memorable, quotable, and quite often, if not always, relatable to the company. That's to say, the company feels that the slogan identifies their business down to a very basic level and positions it uniquely against its competitors.

For example, Jell-O's slogan, "There's always room for Jell-O"; probably always room for Jell-O, don't you think? Wouldn't you say that's an accurate description of Jell-O and uniquely positions the product in its market of dessert foods?

Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) mentions Jell-O in “Ghostbusters 2”

So the importance of a slogan is fairly obvious. It’s the company, or product’s mantra. It’s how the business operates day to day or how it’s product is viewed by the customer. A wholly encompassing theme that governs every single decision made consciously or subconsciously. It would be how the company lives it’s “life” in the world of business.

When the decision was made to come up with Jack Bradley’s slogan, it seemed obvious from the beginning. After looking at what we do everyday, it was apparent that our goal is insuring what is important.

The answer of “What’s important?” might vary from person to person - maybe a home or prized 1959 Ford Thunderbird, maybe a person’s own business that was the genesis of many years work and planning, or maybe a motorcycle that had been passed down through the family for years.

It could be a trove of family heirlooms, or making certain that a family’s income was protected from death, disability, or health issues. Whatever the purpose, we were insuring those things that people took pride in every day and wanted to protect those things near and dear to them.

So, “Insuring the Important Things in Life” made the most sense for banners, business cards, and letterhead because it’s right at the core of Jack Bradley Agency and how we sell insurance. It is this basis for our questions and, most importantly, the way that we live our daily lives. It separates our business from the others, in the fact that we want to make certain that what is really important to you, our customer, is that which we make certain loss doesn’t mean losing.

That is the difference between our business and many of the folks that you hear on TV. Do they ask you if you have any children or if you have a business? What kind of job you had or if you had some type of income protection for your family if you passed away? Did they get a general idea of what really means the most to you, or did they blurt out the lowest possible price they could without getting to really know you and what is most important in your life?

Most certainly, they probably didn’t…

Because they didn’t ask.

What’s important to you?


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