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HVAC Contractors, A Big Part of Your Insurance Puzzle Is Missing

Most contractors that I work with every day are busy, but they're not too busy to really care about their business and, more importantly, their customers. Customers are the lifeblood of everyone's business.

As a business owner that serves a critical and immediate need, it's extremely important to keep your customer happy - and that often means making certain they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Working with your customer to make certain their system and home is as efficiently heated and cooled as possible is your specialty. My specialty is working with business owners like you across North Georgia to make certain that you are sufficiently protected against loss as efficiently as possible.

Understanding what you do and how you provide that crucially important service to your customer is something that helps me look into your business and see how I can really help you in mine.

As a heating and air professional in Clarkesville, Cleveland, Dawsonville, Gainesville, or Clayton, it's very likely that you are installing equipment in your customer's home or business that could easily cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Have you given much thought to what would happen if a new system you installed malfunctioned and it was ruled that you, or your one of your service technicians, installed it improperly?

Here is an example:

Smith Heating installs a top-of-the-line, $26,000 "Premo Plus" system in a new $450,000 custom home. Two weeks later, the unit shorts out, catches fire and subsequently burns down the customer's new home. It's later found out that faulty wiring led to the short and a claim is filed with your current carrier.

How and what would an adjuster pay for to settle the claim?

First off, all general liability policies only pay for "the resulting damage" of a cause, meaning that the customer's home is protected, but no work that you performed would be covered.

But what about the $14,000 that it cost your business to install the system?

This is where Contractors Errors and Omissions coverage can be an important element in your policy. The only way that YOUR work can be covered is with this coverage. This is something that I always discuss with my client, as the costs and risks to you can be tremendous with the cost of parts, equipment, supplies, labor, etc.

Contractors Errors and Omissions can be extremely important to your business in the event of a large loss resulting from your, or your employees, own work. A loss like in the above instance would cost another $14,000 to your business after installing the system for a second time.

Having several carriers that offer a robust and tailored set of coverages for HVAC contractors, including Contractors Errors and Omissions coverage, allows Jack Bradley Agency a very specialized and expert approach to insulating your business from unforeseen losses like the one detailed above.

Give us the opportunity to review your coverage and see where we can help protect your business. We'll make it worth your time.

Justin Sutton

Commercial Lines Agent

Contracting Specialist

Jack Bradley Agency, Inc.


Total HVAC Houston

Friday, February 1, 2019 at 3:31pm EST

Great information for commercial HVAC contractors especially, as businesses are not hesitant to make a claim over damaged property or faulty work, and complicated commercial HVAC systems might mean an increased risk of mistakes and poor-quality workmanship.

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