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Happy National Senior Citizens Day!

This picture says a lot about the culture at Jack Bradley Agency

We are a team.  We work hard together.  We take care of our customers together. We have fun together. It's a culture of together.

We celebrate the variety of ages in our organization

From a twenty year old to an eighty six year old with all ages in between, we embrace the fact that each of these generations have something extra special to add to our organization.  Our world is changing rapidly and the twenty year old may be embracing everything from fast and digital to even slowing down to make a difference and give back to our world.  It's really no different than the eighty six year old experiencing the same speed of change throughout the years.  This eighty six year old experienced unbelievable technology changes that were unimaginable and seemed impossible.  And yes, this generation also wanted to make a difference in the world and did.

We celebrate the fact that we are blessed with a an extraordinary gift of mentors

With all of the ages in our organization, we have an opportunity to learn from the best mentors around.  They are the people that have been in the insurance industry the longest.  They have witnessed the cycles, the changes in technology and they have said yes to learning new technology and learning new ways of doing business.  Let's face it, there are thousands of conferences to choose from that offer great ideas for improving and adapting our agency as well as any business for the future.  Today, let's not forget that some of our best teachers and mentors are in our own businesses.  The cost is zero for these conversations.  

We also celebrate our senior citizen customers

Our senior citizen customers have brought us to this place in time and we will not forget who led us to the party. We love your loyalty.  We love how you are embracing all of the digital tools.  We love how you say yes to tracking your driving habits with the new telematics opportunities and want to lower the cost of your car insurance by proving that you are a great driver.  We love how you connect with us on social media and that you are not afraid to embrace mobile applications.  We appreciate your advice.  We honor you today!

Happy National Senior Citizens Day!

Connect with a Senior Citizen today and tell them how they have made a difference in your life.  



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