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Lost Title Bond

from Jack Bradley Agency

Lost Title Bond

Need a Lost Title Bond?

No worries, you have found the right place at Jack Bradley Agency. We can help you with a Lost Title Bond in Georgia. The bond along with some verification forms will allow you to obtain a bonded title through the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles. 

We understand the process and want to make it easy and help you avoid making several trips back and forth to the tag office.

What are some of the most common reasons you may need to get a bonded title?

  • Vehicle purchased and the prior owner or the dealer never furnished a title.
  • Title was lost or misplaced.
  • Title was signed incorrectly.
  • The tag office may suggest other reasons when you go in to apply for a tag.

You may ask, “Is there anything to worry about with a bonded title”?

No, as long as you are the rightful owner of the vehicle you should not bump into any problems. You are basically promising that you are the owner.  The bond protects the Department of Motor Vehicle, and any prior owner.

How long has Jack Bradley Agency been helping customers with Lost Title Bonds?

The agency has been in business since 1960, providing guidance and assistance with Lost Title Bonds along with all types of Insurance.

How long does the process take to get a Lost Title Bond?

It only takes a few minutes for us to issue the bond. However, there are some required documents that you will need before we can get started.  Good news, these are the same documents that the State will require in order to release a new title.

What documents are required to obtain a Lost Title Bond?

  • Driver License (for the person applying for the bond)
  • Social Security Number (for the person applying for the bond)
  • Bill of Sale (You may already have a bill of sale, if not T-7 form can be completed)
  • Vehicle History Report  (Shows the history of the vehicle, cost is around $5.95)
  • Form T-22B  (Vehicle Inspection Form to be completed by a law enforcement officer)
  • Form T-4 (Lien release only required if Vehicle History indicates a security interest)

How do I get the T-22B Vehicle Inspection Form completed by a law enforcement officer?

If you live inside the City Limits call the City Police Department, or if you live in the County call the County Sheriff Office and ask for an officer to come out an inspect the vehicle for a Lost Title Bond. Since you don’t have a valid title or a tag they will come to your home, or the place where the vehicle is located.

What’s next after I get all of the required documents for a Lost Title Bond?

Give Jack Bradley Agency  a call at 706-778-2136 to set up an appointment to come into the office. At the appointment you will be to signing the bond application, paying for the bond, and taking the bond with you. It is important that you have ALL of the required documents.  We can’t issue the bond without all of the documents. 

Want to make your appointment even faster?

Click the link to Get a Quote and complete the short questionnaire and submit. The majority of the work will be completed before you show up for your appointment. Make certain you bring the required documents. We truly want to make the process easy for you.

What happens after we provide you with the Lost Title Bond?

You will take the bond and all of the required documents (same documents you are bringing to us) to the tag office. They will mail all of the paperwork to the State of Georgia and the State will mail your new title back to you. The tag office will go ahead and release the tag so you can begin driving your car.

What is the cost of a Lost Title Bond?

The rate is based on the value of the vehicle. The minimum premium for any Lost Title Bond is $100. Once we receive the Vehicle Identification Number for the vehicle we can check the value and determine the price. We will share the cost with you before the appointment if you would prefer. Check or credit card is the best option for payment.