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Barber Shop Insurance

Barber Shop Insurance

You customize your barber shop, and we customize your insurance policy

You customize it all—from the barber shop you’ve developed into a legacy, to the cuts and service you give to your clients. So why shouldn’t you have an insurance policy that is tailored to YOUR needs? 

Why choose Jack Bradley Agency for your barber shop needs? 

Since 1960, Jack Bradley has been serving barber shop customers. Because we are an independent agency, we have choices. We have companies that offer the options to build the package policy based on what the client needs. We represent many companies that offer competitive pricing and we can compare with each company to help choose the best policy for you.

Your barber shop does it all – let Jack Bradley Agency protect it all!

Your barber shop does it all—from servicing the needs of multiple generations, to engaging them in nostalgic conversation, to giving a young boy his first trim and to giving an elderly man his signature haircut. You’ve not only created a shop, but a heritage and this heritage tells a story. Let us protect the barber shop and the story that you call your own. 

Man getting haircut

A Basic Package will include

  • Business Property Insurance—Protect the property you own, lease or rent.

  • Business Personal Property Insurance—Protect your equipment, furnishings and products for re-sale.

  • Business Liability Coverage – Protect your business when it’s responsible for injury or property damage.

  • Business Income Coverage – Protect lost income when a business is closed due to a covered loss.

Additional Options to Customize Your Package

  • Workers Compensation – When an employee gets injured while on the job.

  • Professional Liability – Sometimes things go wrong with the hairstyle, color or process.

  • Tenant’s Legal Liability – If your landlord sues because you damage the building

  • Cyber Liability – When sensitive data that you store is lost or stolen.

  • Plus many more customizable options. We will take the time to learn what’s important to you and your business.

You bring the nostalgia 

You’ve worked hard to build the legacy that is your barber shop you call your own. We here at Jack Bradley Agency work hard to protect what you’ve created so you can keep bringing on the nostalgia. 

Man getting haircut

At Jack Bradley Agency, we go further 

We don’t just stop with barber shop insurance. 

Understanding your needs as an independent business owner go far beyond barber shop insurance.  You are busy balancing business ownership, as well as home and family.  Saving time, effort and money is important. Our agency proudly offers three separate departments for your insurance needs including Personal Insurance, Business Insurance, and Financial Service Products. By asking the right questions, we strive to understand all of your needs and come up with a comprehensive plan that helps you do it all!  Don’t worry; we will ask the “What if” questions.

  • Have you thought about disability insurance and what you will do if you get injured in your free time and you aren’t able to work and cover your bills?  Our financial service team can assist with this.

  • Consider travel insurance for when your staff attends trade shows and events. 

  • Do you host any special events? Again, we can be your source of help when it comes to special event coverage.

  • When is the last time you had a good review of your personal insurance? Savings on your home and automobile insurance might provide the extra funds you need for making improvements in your business and truly customizing your business insurance. 

Allow us to sit down with you and customize the insurance to protect you, your business and your family.  Let us get to know you and find a more balanced approach to your insurance.