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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Be ready to act fast if you lose your purse or wallet!

AS joyful and wonderful as the holidays can be, we all know that unfortunate accidents or misfortunes can take us by surprise and fill us with panic.

That being said: this Christmas season, let the team at Jack Bradley Agency keep you informed, safe and your belongings protected. 

Could this happen to you? 

  • Have you ever been Christmas shopping and lost your wallet or purse? 
  • Have you ever laid your purse or wallet on the counter while adding all of those yummy toppings to your Starbucks latte?
  • Have you ever been distracted while you are in a restaurant and walked out without your purse or wallet?
  • Or have you ever had the trouble of someone grabbing your purse or wallet when your attention is on finding that perfect gift?

Speed needs to be on your side.

Even if you are lucky and someone turns your wallet or purse in, you still only have a small window of opportunity to take action and notify your credit card companies and banks that you may have a problem. Speed needs to be on your side, not on the side of the person who has your information. Ask yourself if this happened right now to you, do you know what you have in your purse or wallet? And more importantly, do you know what to do next? We have created a quick printable  Quick_Action_Checklist_for_Your_Wallet.pdf  that you can use to catalog what’s really in your wallet or purse.  Feel free to print a copy of the PDF and get started filling in as much information as you can. Then keep this form in a safe place or take a picture and keep in your phone. (NOTE: If you keep in your phone make certain your phone is password protected).  Contact your bank or credit card company right away and ask for any details that you are missing. This simple sheet will help you know what you have and quickly make connections either online or by phone.

It’s a really bad day when something like this happens to you and we wanted to do something to help you be ready.

It's hard to remember when you are a little shaken. 

Remember: you may not know what’s in your purse or wallet because you are a little shaken and it may be harder to recall everything.


Let your friends at Jack Bradley Agency help you stay safe and your information protected during the Christmas season. Call or stop by our office for assistance with your insurance needs!

Merry Christmas from The Jack Bradley Agency team to you and your family!




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