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Pay Attention to Your Bank Accounts

"Remembering the days when my mother diligently balanced her bank statements each month, I realized the importance of staying on top of my finances from an early age. With the convenience of online banking and debit cards, this practice seemed to fade away, replaced by instant access to account information at our fingertips. However, as cybercrime becomes more prevalent, it's crucial to remain vigilant. Bank accounts are different today. Funds are coming and going from many different sources and you can't be too careful.

Daily monitoring our bank accounts allows us to detect suspicious activity promptly and take necessary action to minimize potential damage. This is especially vital for those of us caring for aging parents, as we must extend the same level of caution to their financial accounts. Finally don't neglect teaching your highschool and college kids this valuable practice as they start using their own bank accounts.

Utilizing text alerts and other digital tools can help us stay informed and proactive. After all it's too hard to earn. Personal Insurance policies can be updated to offer cyber protection. Talk with your bank and your insurance agent to learn what's available. The key takeaway? Always PAY ATTENTION one dollar at a time. It could make all the difference.

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