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Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance

Georgia Pet Insurance

Pets are part of the family and everyone wants their family to get the best care possible when they are sick or injured.  And that can mean a large financial commitment on your part.  That’s where Pet Insurance can make the difference in the kind of care that you can afford for your pet.  It can’t completely remove your worries, but if your best friend is injured or sick it can certainly ease your financial worry and allow you to focus on helping your pet get well and back to being your fun loving companion!

How much pet insurance is right for you?

Choose from an Accident Only Plan that will cover accidents and injuries or a Complete Coverage Plan that also includes illness.

Preventive Care for annual visits is an option you may want to consider.  Compare the cost of the Preventive Care option to what you are currently paying for annual wellness visits and dental cleanings, vaccinations, flea prevention.  The costs associated with pet ownership really add up.  

Choose from annual limits that are available all the way up to unlimited.  And the great news is that this limit resets for the next year!

Reimbursement Percentages are available at 90%, 80% and 70%

Choose from Deductibles that vary from $100 up to $500

When should you get started with Pet Insurance?

Enroll when pets are young and healthy ~ before any unexpected accident or illness happens.  Coverage is available for Cats and Dogs from 8 week old with no maximum age limit.

It’s simple to get a quote all you need to know is Zip Code, dog or cat, breed, age, and gender.

No worries when it comes to keeping the same Vet that loves your pet like you do.

It’s a reimbursement program, so there are no in network and out of network decisions for you to make.

24/7 Member Care Center makes it easy for you 

  • Answers to questions. 
  • Submit Claims 
  • View and track claim progress

Yes you can add multiple pets and save money

For pet lovers that have multiple furry friends there is a multi-pet discount just for you.

Ready to get started?

Jack Bradley Agency is ready to help.  Jack Bradley Agency is ready to assist you with a quote and help you purchase the plan that’s customized for you and your pet.

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