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Boos and Woofs: It scares them too! Halloween and Pets

Boos and Woofs: It scares them too!

“Sticky Fingers, Tired Feet; One Last House, Trick-or-treat!!”


Oh Halloween, we meet again my spooky friend! Once a year we have an excuse to dress up and enjoy a night full of spooks and laughs. Even better if we have a pet, right?! We want to dress them up and create memories of a lifetime. Though it may all be fun and games for us, our pets may not seem to think the same. Let’s talk about it!   


COSTUMES. From a cute princess to a creepy witch, there are so many stores these days that provide us with creative outfits for our four-legged friends. Or for the more crafty ones, a homemade costume is the way to go. But have you ever stopped and thought….”Hhmmm how does my dog/cat feel about this?” For real, think about it. These little furry ones are always wearing their birthday suits and that’s simply their life. Clothing can make them uncomfortable since it is not something they wear in their day to day routine. Extra material can also get caught in some household items and cause discomfort to them. Hold up though! I’m not saying don’t do it. Simply keep these things in mind. Your pooch may be perfectly fine with clothing and be comfortable for a couple of hours, as well as completely safe on top of all I’ve mentioned. So with all these suggestions in mind, if you do dress your pet, may its costume be the most talked about this Halloween!


            TRICK-or-TREAT!! Trick or treaters coming up to your door can frighten them or make them go into protective mode. Imagine opening up the door and a scary creature yells in your face for no reason—pets don’t understand this like we humans do. They’ll hide anywhere possible and “accidents” inside the house could happen. Have a plan including a safe place they can relax and be comfortable for the night. Now for the more adventurous ones, taking them along trick or treating can be so much fun plus they get their exercise in! But remember, they’re oblivious to all the scary “odd” costumes and makeup so their reactions could be endless. If you do decide to take them along on this experience, make sure you keep them on a short leash at all times. Decorations are something to be aware of as well. For example; decorative lights can become a trap and chewed wires can cause serious burns. If the environment you choose is a little high toned, consider if it’s worth the stress on them. Sometimes rowdy crowds may be too much and a night at home may be a better option for all. Make the best judgement for your individual fur kid!

            Keep the SWEETS coming!!! After trick or treating comes a sweet glory— CANDY! Hopefully the night was more full of treats than tricks! Lollipops, candy corn, chocolates, jawbreakers etc. We all (most of us that is) love to eat sweets and our pets are no exception! They see you eat them, every single bite, I promise! But this time, you have to be strong for them. Most candy is actually harmful and toxic to their system, ranging from chocolate to sugar-free candy to their wrappers. Let’s avoid an upset tummy or a serious ER vet visit by keeping the stash of goodies away from reach! Instead, rewarding them with a doggie treat is a great way to make them feel a part of all that is going on.


            Little pets, little hoo-mans, big pets, big hoo-mans and all non-humans…lets enjoy the spookiest night of the year.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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