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Need Help Getting Started with a Home Inventory?

Thinking about creating a home inventory but find it overwhelming? Getting started is easy with this tool from Safeco Insurance Company. Check out this link and download the app right on your phone or Ipad. Get...

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Protect yourself from Carbon Monoxide at Home and at Work

Every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hundreds of people in the U.S. die from carbon-monoxide (CO) poisoning-and the invisible, odorless gas sickens thousands more. The numbers seem...

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How much Life Insurance Can You Get for One Dollar A Day?

The title of this article makes us utilize a wise strategy for obtaining goals that may seem too big for you to achieve. Many professionals in the education or coaching field tell us that one of the best ways to...

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Insuring Jewelry: How to Know if Your Coverage is Enough

A ring from a loved one. A bracelet handed down through generations. A watch or necklace marking a special occasion. Every reason you treasure a piece of fine jewelry is a reason it should be insured. However, calling...

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We say YES to Insurance for these 17 Home Types

What if your home insurance requires specialization? As an independent agent we can insure homes that are outside the definition of the traditional owner occupied home. It's easy for us to say YES when you ask for...

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Go Outside and Play in the Northeast Georgia Mountains

Did your parents ever say, “go outside and play”? We believe there is no need to stop, even if you are all grown up. Playing outside as adults keeps us happy and healthy. If you are lucky enough to live in the...

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