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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Do you think your pet deserves the best care?

Simply put, "no one loves you like your pet", now you can love them back with Pet Insurance Your pet is your best friend and no one loves you like a best friend. Dogs and puppies wait anxiously for you to arrive home...

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Who wants to go to the dentist? Dental Insurance can ease the pain.

Dental Insurance can’t make a trip to the dentist office pain free. But Dental Insurance sure can make it less painful when it comes to hitting your purse or wallet. The number of requests that we have at Jack Bradley...

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Yes. I'd like to Report a Burglary: Someone Stole My Health Insurance

"Rules of the game" concerning buying an Individual or Family Health Insurance Policy Health Insurance rates have risen so drastically in the last few years. Also, the amount you have to pay on out of pocket before the...

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Notary Insurance is important. Are you protected?

Maybe it’s not the fault of the notary, but now there is a pending lawsuit. Mistakes happen even when notaries are doing their job correctly. A notary can be sued and pay excessive legal expenses just defending...

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Three Ways a Pool May Affect Your Homeowners Insurance

That oh-so-covetable experience of taking a dip in your very own pool? Millions of American households enjoy it, at least when the weather’s nice. With the summer heat ratcheting up, you may be coming down with a...

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