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We say YES to Insurance for these 17 Home Types

What if your home insurance requires specialization?

As an independent agent we can insure homes that are outside the definition of  the traditional owner occupied home.  It's easy for us to say YES when you ask for insurance that's a little more complicated. Sometimes specialty companies are required for the not so traditional house.

Who can help?

Jack Bradley Agency knows the market place and we can help you navigate to the right company.  Almost every homeowner has something unique whether it be the house, the personal belongings, the unattached structures, or the busy lifestyle of the family.  We will take the time to identify the risks and customize the policy for specifically for the owner.

What's your home type?

  • Traditional Primary Home    

  • Rental Home

  • Short Term Rental Home

  • Vacation Homes

  • Secondary Home

  • VRBO

  • airbnb

  • Vacant Home

  • High Value Home

  • Tiny Home

  • Unique Construction Home

  • Mobile Home

  • Modular Home

  • Lake Home

  • Park Model Homes in Resorts

  • Contents Only for Home

  • Contents Only for Apartment

Want to learn more?

Call Jack Bradley Agency at 706-778-2136.  You can also reach out through our website with these helpful links.

CLICK HERE for a Short Term Rental Insurance Quote

CLICK HERE for a Homeowner Quote

CLICK HERE for a renters quote.  

We are in the business of making home insurance easy for you.  Learn more about us  CLICK HERE.

"Insuring the Important Things In Life"