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No time for lunch? 10 Lunch Options to Keep on Hand at Your Office

Even though we all know making time for lunch can make for a much more productive afternoon, there are days when it’s just not possible.  

It’s got to be easy, got to be quick, and it’s got to be nutritious or you’ll just find yourself sinking into that afternoon fog. Plus it’s got to have some shelf life so it won’t spoil before your next eat in lunch day.

These are a few of our favorites at Jack Bradley Agency.

We love Ezekiel Bread that stays in the freezer just like you find it in your grocery store.  That way there is always fresh bread.

Almond Butter or Peanut Butter is always a good option.  Packed with protein and energy.

Apples are always a hit and if you combine them almond butter or peanut butter they are even better.

A little honey always makes everything better and can be drizzled on a peanut butter sandwich for a little sweetness.

Granola bars are always easy.  Lara Bars and Kind Bars are some of our favorites.

Yogurt is easy to keep on hand in and can be layered with granola, fruit, and honey.

As long as there is a microwave, give an omelet in a cup a try.   Eggs keep well in the refrigerator.  Just add some ham and cheese for a quick protein packed lunch. Have you tried cooking in a cup? 

Sometimes those frozen dinners have lingering aromas that don’t work well in an office environment.  Try to stay away from those with heavy onion and garlic flavoring.

Crackers and Cheese are easy, and stay fresh for a while.

Oatmeal may sound more breakfast.  But it can fill in for a quick lunch.  Just throw in a few nuts, raisins or fruit that’s on hand.

What do you keep handy in your office when it’s a “no time for lunch” kind of day? 

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