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Individual Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

I really like my Dentist, can I keep my Dentist and still buy Dental Insurance?

The answer is YES, if you purchase the right kind of Dental Insurance.  Many people that live outside of major cities discover that their Dentist has not signed a contract with an Individual Dental Insurance carrier to accept a level of fees for their services.  It appears that the Dentists in the larger population areas are more prone to sign a contract with a Dental Insurance provider and become what is called an  “In Network Dentist”.  The Dentist can accept a negotiated fee schedule for services and then simply make his or her earnings back based on the sheer volume of patients he or she treats each year.  These Network based type Dental Policies are called PPO Plans if they allow you to also see a Dentist outside of the Network (but for a greater cost to the insured), as well as see In Network Dentists.  The type of Dental Plans that require you to ONLY see In Network Dentists and do NOT pay for dental services outside of the Network are called HMO Dental Plans.  You can see it would be easier to find a Dentist that would accept a PPO Dental Policy versus a HMO Dental Policy.  But, the HMO Dental Plans may offer a lower monthly premium in exchange for the greater restrictions on which Dentist you can see.   

If you find your Dentist is NOT In Network then you can purchase an Indemnity Dental Insurance Policy.

These Dental Plans are also referred to as “Fee-for-Service Plans”.  Indemnity Dental Plans do NOT require your Dentist to sign a contract and become “In Network” so you can see any Dentist.  Indemnity Dental Plans will simply pay a certain amount for treatments up to the annual limit listed in the policy.  The insured will typically pay a flat deductible and then a percentage of the charges after the deductible is met.  The insured will pay any amounts above what the Dental Carrier did not pay but you get to keep complete freedom to choose your own Dentist.  This freedom comes with a price, so Indemnity Dental Plans will feature a little higher premium versus PPO or HMO Dental Plans.  

Do you fear the possibility of receiving news from your Dentist that you need a Crown or a Root Canal and you know that he or she is NOT In Network for individual Dental Plans?

You should consider the Indemnity Dental Policy that can keep you at the Dental Office you Trust.

Would you trust your teeth to just anybody because the cost of the dental plan is lower?  

Many people would not extend that kind of blind trust to a dentist that they have not seen before.  The Indemnity Dental Insurance Policy offers you a sound option for coverage.  

What about a waiting period for a Dental Insurance Plan?

Enroll in an Indemnity, PPO, or HMO Dental Coverage as soon as you can because all three plans have mandatory waiting periods that have to be met before anything from a Cavity or worse can be filed for claim under the policy.  

Which dental insurance companies are offered at Jack Bradley Agency?

All Indemnity and PPO Dental Insurance Policies are available with the following top rated Insurance Companies:  Delta Dental, Nationwide, Blue Cross Blue Shield and HUMANA.

Which agent should you ask for at Jack Bradley Agency if you have questions or would like to purchase a Dental Insurance Policy?

Trent C. Perry will be happy to assist you with selecting the right plan for you.  He has been a licensed agent since 1996.  Jack Bradley Agency has been taking care of customers since 1960.

How can I purchase a dental plan through Jack Bradley Agency?

We are all about convenience for you.  If you would prefer to purchase the policy through our website 24/7 then we offer the following link for you to quote and make the purchase.

We can also help you purchase a plan by calling us at 706-778-2136.

And of course we offer the traditional office visit if you would prefer to stop in and meet with us in person.

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