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National Teen Driver Safety Week October 21 -27th

DID YOU KNOW that National Teen Driver Safety Week is October 21-27? Our children and teens are priceless so teaching our youth to recognize the importance of driving safely is critical. Make it a goal this week and...

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6 Tips for Getting to Work on Two Wheels

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States commute to work by bicycle, according to the U.S. Census Bureau? That’s a lot of cars off the road each day, a lot of gasoline saved and a ton of...

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One time when it's OK to put all your eggs in one basket.

How many times have you heard it, “Don’t put your eggs in one basket”? There is an exception to everything and putting your eggs in one basket when it comes to insurance is one of those times. We all love discounts...

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When you call your motorcycle baby... you want the insurance to be just as special.

His Instagram caption started with “My baby...” But, before I read the caption, it was the beauty of the picture that first caught my attention. The stunning young wife and the gorgeous scenery with Yonah Mountain...

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Would you like to join the Jack Bradley Agency Team?

We love insurance at Jack Bradley Agency and we love our team! We work hard together and we take time to have fun together. Giving back to our community is important to us. A few us enjoyed bowling together last...

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Tips for Buying a Safe Car

You’ve heard all the talk about driverless cars - but unfortunately, we’re still years away from living in a world where you just tell your car where to go, kick back and relax with a book (or, more likely, your phone)....

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