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Agent Trent Perry celebrates 13 Year Anniversary at Jack Bradley Agency

Jack Bradley Agency celebrates 13 years of service with agent Trent Perry. We applaud Trent for being a lifelong learner. Studying and gaining industry and product knowledge that can truly help his customers has been a...

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Yes. I'd like to Report a Burglary: Someone Stole My Health Insurance

"Rules of the game" concerning buying an Individual or Family Health Insurance Policy Health Insurance rates have risen so drastically in the last few years. Also, the amount you have to pay on out of pocket before the...

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5 QUESTIONS YOU MAY BE ASKING WHEN YOU TURN 65 - Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Cards

You Just Received Your Medicare Card in the mail and you may be asking —What do I do Next? Typically in the month that you turn 65 you will be eligible for Medicare for your Health Coverage. Many of our clients get...

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Your Annual “Get Out of Jail Free Card” Can Be Used This Fall if You Are on Medicare!

Many of us know of the “Get out of Jail Free Card” used in the board game Monopoly. Simply put, this card can be used in the game to get you out of a bad situation without having to suffer the full consequences. Well, a...

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How Does Everybody Know That I Am Turning 65 Next Year???? Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage Plan, and Part D Rx Overload!

By: Trent C. Perry, MDRT A funny thing happens when you turn 64, suddenly, every Health Insurance Company in America seems to know that you are 1 year from the age of qualifying for Medicare. You will start to receive...

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