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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Record Keeping 101 for your Rental Property

Rental Property Owners Wear Many Hats Rental property owners wear a lot of hats. Getting your rental property records organized and keeping them organized is key. Make it easy on yourself, your tenants and your CPA by...

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Fire Protection Class and Your Homeowner Insurance Rate

Public Protection Class is a very mysterious and often misunderstood discussion in homeowners insurance. The lack of available information online and the multi-variable methodology in determining protection class is,...

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Answers to Your Short Term Rental Insurance Questions

Jack Bradley Agency can keep you protected with the coverage that is important when you lease your home to others, especially when the renter is changing frequently.Traditional Homeowner Insurance can’t provide coverage...

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Short-Term Rental Insurance: What do I know? What do I need? Where do I find it?

"Our Mountain Fantasy" - Ellijay, GA (Photo Courtesy of Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals) I have two really great friends. One lives in an urban area in the middle of a “rehab revival” and the other bought a second home in...

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